About Resia Travel Group

Resia Travel Group is a customer focused, corporate value driven sales company, with a high level of real person accessibility. The Group consists of a number of different brands, namely; Resia, Bengt-Martins, Resfeber, Box Office, Cruise Market and Hyttespecialisten. The combination of the markets broadest product range and the industries most knowledgeable travel agents ensures that the customer is always provided with the best travel options – whether the travel is for vacation, business trips or a conference.

Resia Travel Group – Sweden's best travel company.

Business concept
Resia Travel Group shall be the personal travel company who, by providing full service, the highest level of accessibility and the industries best skills, shall sell travel and services to private individuals, companies and organizations.

Ownership for the long term
Resia Travel Group works actively and with a long-term approach to build up efficient and profitable business divisions while achieving sales growth.  As a privately owned company with a strong financial position, the Group is at liberty, and has the ability, to take full advantage of new business opportunities.

Seven strong brands with specialist knowledge
The parent company Resia Travel Group AB consists of the companies Resia AB (100%), Bengt-Martins AB (100%) and Bengt-Martins rejse ApS (100%), as well as the brands Resfeber, Box Office, Cruise Market and Hyttespecialisten. Resia AB represents ninety-eight percent of the Group’s total sales. The various brands of Resia Travel Group gather together specialist expertise within different types of travel, customer groups and sales channels.

Corporate Values-driven sales company
The high level of service and commitment that Resia Travel Group brings to every customer meeting constitutes the Groups most important competitive advantage. The sales philosophy is built upon three fundamental values: respect, expertise and energy.

RTG in numbers 2016

• 416 employees
• 6 brands
• 43 stores
• 12 online stores
• SEK 3.6 billion in sales

Kontakta oss:
 Telefon: +46 31-63 60 00
 Adress: Resia AB, Box 1114, 405 23, Göteborg

Resia Travel Group  – Sweden's best travel company.