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Resia AB was founded in 1974 and has 43 travel agency branches in Sweden, as well as an online reservation and sales system within Scandinavia, enabling customer to make their travel reservations 24 hrs a day. Having a 30% market share of agency-sold charter and package tour market, Resia is one of Sweden's largest chains of travel agents. Resia's expertise includes leisure travel, business travel, as well as group and conference travel.  The head office is located in Gothenburg and the company employs 400 of Sweden's sharpest travel agents.

Skills and personal commitment
Through all of the sales channels within Resia – whether online or in-store – personal commitment and knowledge of the customer’s needs constitute the core of the Group’s sales philosophy. Resia employs more than 400 sales agents across its various brands, and all agents are highly trained specialists with expertise in all types of travel.

The broadest product range in the market 
At Resia, all forms of travel are made available in one place. Regardless of whether the booking is for private or business purposes, Resia provides the travel industry’s broadest range of choice and the greatest expertise. Strategic and long-term collaboration with suppliers and partners is at the heart of being able to ensure quality and breadth of choice.

Highly accessible agents and with a focus on the customer
With the industries most number of stores in Sweden and a strong online presence, the focus is always on accessibility. All travel agents can be reached by telephone on a direct line in order to guide and help the customer before, during and after the trip. Providing personal service is equally important regardless of where or how the meeting with the customer takes place – online, in-store or by telephone.

Focus on 3 key market segments
Resia has three customer groups: vacation travellers, business travellers, and group and conference travellers. All three customer groups are equally important and the overall objective is to expand and increase market shares within each of those market segments. Currently, fifty-two percent of sales come from leisure travel, while business travel accounts for forty-eight percent.

Leisure travel
For the past 40 years, Resia has been helping people to make their vacation dreams come true –whether this has involved travelling to the nearest big city or to a remote, idyllic island on the other side of the world. Resia has travel specialists with expertise in everything from cruises to safaris, and will tailor your trip to your specific needs, ensuring your total satisfaction. They will find the perfect trip for you.

Business travel
Resia has been voted Sweden’s Best Agency for Business Travel seven out of nine possible times. Exceptional service, reliability, and Resia’s ability to deliver the greatest value for money are some of the areas in which 3,000 decision-makers and business travellers ranked Resia to be the best in the industry.

Meetings, Events and Conferences
Resia’s business concept of combining local knowledge with 45 branches all over Sweden allowing for easy local access and personal meetings with a local travel agent has contributed to Resia’s strong market position in the meetings, events and conference segment. Every day, Resia’s specialists are assisting businesses by arranging tailor-made group travel, event travel, congresses and conferences according to their needs and requirements, while staying within budget.

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